Light Of The Darkness: Six Sick Shits

by Little Boy Satan

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When I first came up with the idea for the Light Of The Darkness Mixtape and Album it first started off as a simple idea to, for a little while, just do away with all the lyricism and get down with the RAW/Hyperness my out of studio life is known for.

I myself id not even come up with the name for the mixtape/album. Honestly it was one of the Herban Lyf members that came up with this album art for me and due to the fact that everyone on the team has a part in everything I decided to just roll with it.

Still clinging on to the lyrical side of the spectrum I released Light Of The Darkness the Mixtape.

I still hadn't reached my goal of letting go of lyricism and just letting my persona speak for itself.

I had previously decided to release a small "Expansion Pack" for the original mixtape consisting of 6 songs and calling the whole mixtape Six Sick Shits but that was done away with after so much production.

This Album is my second released Horrorcore piece of work. I like the final product honestly but don't be surprised if I end up releasing a few more traxXx for this in the long run.

The original L.O.T.D being more so another Alternative Underground piece to me and it seemed to aim towards a more surreal state of mind for me so I wanted to flip the script more for this Album.

Fully produced by me as well, all the beats are created by me, within seconds, in front of an audience so all will know I don't sample like the rumors have been stated.

This is my first attempt at doing a few things and I'm happy with the end result. Quite happy. I know this will take PBMHLP somewhere.


released June 6, 2011

I want to thank Gundam, Jehova Jireh, Anime, My girlfriend Steffanie for dealing with every fucking ounce of this shit and not being able to provide what she needed while I was doing this, VanaQulor, Sandy Baby Aye, Koori Washu, Gummi Zombie, Gabrielle Rucker, Summa Jones, Satan, All the posers out there, all the bastard seeds out there like me, my punk ass father, My mother (I love you) my step father, Playstation, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, Suda51, the demons in our lives known as worldly possessions and the demons that lurk the earth as our using our shadows to enter this plane of existance, my ex girlfriends who were bitches for being bitches (it only made me doper), Company Hen, Electrik Panda, my mental issues, my guitar, my desk, my laptop that made all this happen that will probably die out soon, all the fans and supporters, Weebly, YouTubers, Dancers, artist, skaters, cancer survivors, my shwa shwa dance, my flubeoum, Mr. SVK (wherever you are homie, we miss you), David Livous, the punk rockers/homeless kids/Satanist from Ferndale, Cali and Ann Arbor fuck that, all around the world, finally I want to thank my manager S. Brown for being so dope and helping me out and pushing other to keep striving forward and having so much faith and hope in what I started 2-3 years ago. Immortal Factory! Wolfie Bane! Mukuro! Tohiro! Mika...Von...DAWRKNESS! Thank you. Thank Peanut Butter Mech & The Herban Lyf Project. (Even though he probably wouldn't want it, I'm thanking Chiba)



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Peanut Butter Mech & Tha Herban Lyf Project Detroit, Michigan

Think of a collaborative compilation of art and music as a whole. Mix in a hard driven message of "Stick-It-To-The-Man" and there you have PBM & HLP. Composed over a various amount of genre's of music and media's. This group is a handful of kids and adults, reaching out to get understood through art. Music can influence a lot.
~Peace, Love, and the Arts...
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